Become a teacher

Teach your native language and earn money, wherever you are, whenever you want.

Earn money

Set your rate and earn money for teaching your native language to students around the world

From wherever you want

You will teach online via video conferences, so you will work from wherever you want.

On your own schedule

Fill your availability in your personal calendar. You can set the hours that suit you best.

You set the limit

You decide how much you will earn and the number of hours you invest in the platform.

How to start


General questions

What is Langademy?
How and where can I teach?


Is it necessary to have experience as a language teacher?
Do I need language teaching certificates?
What technology do I need to use Langademy?
How can I get students?

Prices and payments

How much can I earn at Langademy?
Who sets the rates?
When can I withdraw my money from Langademy?