How to maintain a language exchange

It is obvious that the reader of this article has fair bit of idea about language exchange programs and possibly might have attended some similar course in the past. The new readers shall find our article on language exchange online useful to get better understanding and you can find a partner for exchanges right away!

Understanding language exchange

Conceptually, a language exchange consists of student pairs where each student is a teacher as well as learner. Here every student teaches one’s native language to the other and in return, he learns the native language of his counterpart. This practice is more prevalent in schools or pubs but in the age of digital connectivity, it is also possible through online language exchange platforms like ours. This provides you the flexibility of learning the language from your home and saves you the hassle of commuting.

How to find language exchange partners?

When you decide to go for language exchange, you would need to find the right partner that suits your objective.

Langademy assists you in the process of finding the right exchange partner. You have to go to our search app or language swap section where you can do the searches you wish. All you have to do is to choose the language that you are expert in and language you are interested to learn.  Once you are done with this step, Langademy shall find a partner suitable for you.

How to find language exchange partners


When you access our Exchange Partner Search App, you also have the option to customize and filter your searches the way you like.

That is not all! Langademy facilitates you to search for conversation partners through hangouts or meet ups. This is supremely helpful for you to meet both students and native speakers of any language.

The aforementioned elementary steps are indeed easy as you can see. However, finding the right partner or participating in an exchange program has its own challenges. We would like to put forth 10 tips so that you can anticipate these problems and deal with them suitably.

10 tips for a successful Language Exchange experience

1. Set your goals at the beginning and the time you can invest in the program

Once you define your objectives, you will be in right framework to work towards it. Just like other daily tasks, you should have the innate ability to manage your time accordingly. Set the days and hours you would like to practice every week. Langademy meet up management tools will prove to be of handy assistance in this regard.

2. Be a proactive learner

The sure way to fast learning is participating proactively in the informal meetings. Absorb the new words that come your way during these conversations. Subsequently, try to review the new words and put them into use in future conversations.

As they say, practice is the best way to assimilate new words or new concepts.

3. Don’t shy from making mistakes

Accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes while learning a language. No one has been able to learn any language without committing mistakes thus far. With this in mind, have no hesitation in being wrong in front of the native language speaker partners. Mind you, your counterpart is also in similar position for the language he or she wants to learn.

It is prudent to begin by small words or broken sentences so that you can communicate your idea. Construction of perfect sentences in new language takes time. The goal should be to achieve the ability to communicate in the new language.

4. Everyone is a student in the exchange

The beauty of the language exchange is that it provides you the opportunity to engage with native speaker. This enables you to learn things that are seldom taught through formal classroom coaching like slangs, phrases or vocabulary that can be used in real-life situations.

You also get your ears tuned to the pronunciation used by the native speaker.

It may not be always possible for the native speakers to teach you the complex grammatical concepts of their native language. After all they are not teachers and they may not be prepared for it.

5. The advantage of learning with several colleagues

The opportunity to get into conversations with several people is extremely helpful in learning. This trains your ears to understand different accents and meet different people from diverse backgrounds.

6. Plan the schedule of the session

While making your choice of native speaker, you need to carefully plan your sessions.

In Langademy, you may find people from different geographies who live in different time zones. Thus you must choose date and time of sessions with mutual convenience.

It is important to come to an agreement on the time you wish to devote in teaching your native language to your partner. The ultimate goal for both of you is to benefit from the exchange. Be respectful of the time limits agreed between you and the partner. 

7. Seek your partner’s feedback for improvement in vocabulary

Mistakes are bound to happen when you are in process of learning any language. Do not be embarrassed to ask them for feedback about the common mistakes committed by you and then try to improve on it.

8. Have the correction path well defined in advance

Once you establish the mechanism for correcting your mistakes, which should best be done at the outset; it will help you in creating a cordial atmosphere in every meeting that you participate. The conversations will be then more fluid and frank.

9. Try different themes for conversations

It is recommended that you program the conversation topics in advance. By choosing different themes every week, you get the opportunity to practice varied vocabulary and enrich yourself with new words and expressions.

When you sign for a meet up or create it, Langademy gives you the option to suggest new topic or vote for themes created by fellow colleagues. Smart thinking, isn’t it?

Create of vote topics for language exchange meetups

10. Being responsible is the key

The level of commitment shown by you is the key for the benefits you can extract from these programs. While being punctual (not in the rigid sense), polite and affable are the generally expected attributes from the participants; it is important to listen as much as you speak! In case you do not understand something, ask for help from your partner.

If the idea of joining a language exchange program excites you, Langademy is one of the best options for you. Just go ahead.