Importance of Spanish Tongue Twisters in learning Spanish

It will be difficult to determine how and when the tongue twisters found their way into languages, but one thing is certain: they have their undeniable place in almost all the languages spoken around the world. From the ancient times to the present, they continue to hold their charm, fun and quaint challenge amidst people, especially the growing children, irrespective of their geographical, social or cultural backgrounds.

All languages have tongue twisters

Across all the languages the framework of tongue twisters are broadly similar in nature.

It consists of small sentences not beyond few words which are sequenced in a manner that the consonants are repeated and it is difficult to pronounce them correctly when one tries to repeat them rapidly.

The consequent result of the faltering, mix up and mumbling of the sounds makes it sound funny. The tongue twisters seldom have any serious meaningful message to convey and seldom serve any purpose other than the innocent amusement. Same is in the case of Spanish Language, where there are many Spanish Tongue Twisters to help you learn the language in a better way.

Do you want to practice Spanish with native speakers?

Spanish Tongue Twisters rule!

Tongue twisters are known to improve the pronunciation of any language, but the Spanish Tongue Twisters totally rule and make you a master of the language. As Spanish is a rhythmic language, full of energy, you also need to put some energy to speak Spanish well.

If you too wish to learn to speak Spanish in a quick way, it will be the best option to learn the tongue twisters. So, it will be great if you could learn few of these Spanish Tongue Twisters: 

Spanish tongue twisters

In this song you can listen to one of those tongue twisters. Do you guess which one is it?

Benefits associated with Spanish Tongue Twisters

The recent studies by the experts on the benefits of Spanish tongue twisters have revealed interesting scientific advantages of these tongue twisters.

Facial Muscle Training

When we practice or speak them aloud, the various facial muscles get trained as a result of stretching and strengthening the numerous muscles which are involved in speech.

Development of Mental Concentration and pronunciation

The mental concentration or speech control that we develop during its practice is another important advantage of Spanish Tongue Twisters. Speech therapists believe that it could be one of the possible ways to improve the diction as well as correct pronunciation of the words and it is thus being used widely in the medical fields. 

Learning Grammar and Structural part of language

The Spanish tongue twisters are reckoned to be of great use by numerous language experts when we try to improve our skills while learning any foreign language. The grammar or the new words and other structural part of the new language can be perhaps learnt with some effort but when it comes to speaking or communicating in the foreign language, most people find it difficult to speak the words correctly. In fact, different languages have their own special pronunciation patterns while our usual speech pattern is trained in the native language.

Improvement of articulation skills

The practice of appropriate Spanish tongue twisters can immensely improve your articulation of words in the desired way. Using tongue twisters as a tool to improve your pronunciation is indeed much better and enjoyable option when compared to other mundane methods. It is often suggested that in the beginning you should slowly read the tongue twister sentence slowly and try to read aloud the beginning and the end of the word strongly. As you practice, you can start saying the words faster but ensure that it is pronounced clearly. In the process, you can identify the sounds where you are struggling and can thus work specifically on them. This can help you learn Spanish faster than you originally could.

The Spanish language experts can recommend the appropriate Spanish tongue twisters to improve your articulation. Using modern internet technologies, online language training sites use the tongue twisters to improve your speaking skills besides other scientific methods of language learning courses.

Practicing the above mentioned Spanish Tongue twisters can help you improve your Spanish and make the learning enjoyable. Try and practice them in front of the mirror or with your language partners as you learn!

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