Study Spanish

Language is the principal tool of communication in human society. The study of development and evolution of different languages appears both fascinating as well as intriguing to learned scholars. They find some inherent inter- linkages amongst few languages.

For example, when English speaking people study Spanish, they wonder that there are many common words and the core grammatical structure is similar.  

According to researchers, Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers, so studying Spanish can be a good option for you.

Why it is important to study Spanish and other Languages?

Communication is rightly acknowledged as the key to success in life – at all levels, personal or professional.

While the computers may understand and function on simple principle of ‘binary language of zeros and ones’ globally; humans invariably rely on languages for communications.

There are hundreds of different languages used in practice around the world which vary widely in form or style.

The historical reasons of the growth of any particular language at specific geographical areas may not be exactly ascertained; but it is a fact that some languages are prevalent in wider areas and more numbers while many of the languages are confined to smaller areas and have fewer speakers.

Spanish language is spoken in over 25 countries around the world

Many English speaking natives will find it difficult to acknowledge that English does not hold the top spot in the list of number of people speaking it in the world. It is consigned to the second place.

According to most statistical records, Chinese Mandarin language is spoken by largest number of people in the world today but is largely confined to only one country i.e. China. On the other hand, Spanish may be the third largest spoken language in the world though it is being used by around 400 million people in the world; yet it is the dominant language of over 25 countries spread over 4 Continents in the world!   

Study Spanish, it can be easier than other languages

We all learn our native language early in life rather effortlessly since we are literally immersed in the environment which is buzzing with it around us.

Subsequently, the academic curriculum and teachers train us further in language use (grammar, vocabulary etc) at the schools and colleges as we gather education. As a result, almost all of us achieve working level proficiency in the language which then enables us to communicate easily with others around us.

We come to realize the existence of other languages and dialects as we grow in age or knowledge and meet people from different backgrounds.

People who grow up in developed metropolitan cities obviously have the opportunity to know about it relatively earlier since they are more likely to see or meet people from foreign lands around their vicinity.

Study Spanish as an Additional Language To Gain a Competitive Edge

In the present times, one can easily witness significant spurt in overseas interactions and exchanges at all levels- business, profession, jobs, academics etc. In modern day world, international contacts or connections are not limited to governments or select multinational corporate businesses alone.

The exponential increase in digital connectivity in last couple of decades could clearly be the defining reason for transcending conventional geographical boundaries. If the trend continues, people will shortly need to be prepared to be reckoned as global citizens.

The success of e-commerce platforms has indeed widened the horizons for businesses or professionals to venture into global arena through these sites.

The pathway of growth opportunity today need not remain confined to surrounding geographies only but one should be prepared to explore prospects in foreign countries or cultures for greener pastures.

As our aspiration for global interactions increases, the need for knowledge of new foreign languages is felt strongly.

This has led to rising trend for learning new foreign language which undoubtedly enriches your existing skill set including communication skills and serves as an invaluable tool for success throughout your career.

Spanish: easy to learn and absorb

There are hundreds of languages used in the world and most people can hope to learn one or two languages other than the mother tongue. Thus, if you plan to learn any new foreign language, you should choose it carefully and must explore the options thoughtfully.

Mandarin Chinese may be considered to be spoken by most people – but that should not be the sole criterion to plunge into it as its use is limited to China alone. Unless you have your own reasons for learning it, the exercise may not serve you well in other parts of the world. Besides, it is considered very difficult language to learn for native English speakers and may take years to get the proficiency.

Spanish is considered to be one of the easily absorbed foreign languages for English native speakers as both of them share Indo –European roots and have similar grammar rules of language. Both English and Spanish have emerged from Latin roots; many words in both languages are similar which makes it easier to learn and remember while you build up your vocabulary in the new language.

It is often said that working level efficiency in Spanish can be easily achieved within few month by most people who make sincere efforts to study Spanish.

In case you reside in the US, the chances of your interaction with native Spanish speaking people is fairly high as over 50 million people in America today are native Spanish speakers.

This gives you opportunity to get right immersion environment round you to gain fluency of the language. No wonder, it is considered as the most preferred foreign language course in US schools today.

It will not be out of place to mention here that students who study Spanish get better understanding of use of correct grammar in English!

Many Central or Latin American countries like Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Caribbean Island countries have Spanish as their official language. The efforts put by you to study Spanish as your additional language will help you immensely while you travel to these countries for leisure or business.

It can also be helpful in getting novel career or employment opportunities in many of these countries with promising economy. The wealth of literature available in Spanish language will open your insight into their rich cultural heritage and give impetus to your urge to study Spanish more indulgently.

 It is often said that it is never too late to learn Spanish for English speakers. In the present age of internet, one has innumerable opportunities to learn Spanish while you are sitting at your home for free! There are many websites or plug ins which can assist you in the effort and you just have to make a quick online search to select the ones suitable to you.

There are websites like Langademy which can kick start your learning cycle in Spanish language from elementary levels and subsequently take you to fluency level in just few months!

There are wide choices available to you at Langademy where learning Spanish can be a lively online experience. They have trained teachers in Spanish if you prefer the structured learning curve to study Spanish.

Their carefully crafted online language exchange programs and facility for chat rooms with native Spanish speakers helps you learn the language gradually so that you can absorb it at your pace.

All you have to do is to register yourself at the website and plan your way to study Spanish with Langademy’s proven expertise.