The Top 7 Youtube channels to learn English

If you think you can learn best by seeing and listening to a teacher than by texting, you are lucky. We have compiled a list of YouTube channels to help you learn English for free and. If you already have some knowledge, you will improve it, for sure. Here we go!

Speak English with Misterduncan: The best British English

With over 68 million views, Speak English with Misterduncan is a magnificent channel for learning English from England. It is also one of the oldest channels on this topic, and the youtuber behind the channel is well known.

If you go into his playlists, you will see he has created a great number of videos to help his students. All his courses are (100 videos) in a single list, and he also has some extra lists, where students ask questions and so on.

Here is one of his famous videos:

BBC Learning English: improve your English pronunciation

              The BBC Learning English channel has a somewhat more academic focus (the former was a more colloquial approach), and not only deals with the subject of English, but also has some extra resources on how to study and topics that can make it easier for you to learn. 

Another interesting point is that it has three complete playlists on pronunciation topics (over 100 videos in total), so if you need to improve your pronunciation, this is a great way to do it.


JenniferESL: not just speaking

              JennifferESL's channel is much more focused on grammar. In fact, in its Playlists you can see how it organizes the information as if it were a textbook. There are some people who do well with this way of organizing the agenda. If you're one of them, this is your channel.

Moreover, it should be noted that it is not only limited to spoken English (although most of the channel deals with it), but also has written English sections. For example, you can learn how to write emails in English and similar topics.

A third list of videos that is very interesting is "Understanding Fast Speech", which helps you learn to understand fast English speakers (actually, a normal speed for native speakers).

If you want to improve your spoken English, online language exchange can be a good ally for you.

Idiom Land: idioms and sayings

              This channel has a radically different approach. It is not a channel where you are taught certain topics about English, but it is based on well-known films from the cinema to explain some idioms, sayings and popular sayings.

In fact, rather than explaining, it simply shows them (they are mostly videos of between 10 and 20 seconds). The idea behind this channel is that you can infer the meaning of the idiom from the context of the video (and, of course, learn its correct pronunciation).

 Anglo-Link: English conversations

Another interesting channel when it comes to learning English is Anglo-Link. Its videos are made by an English teacher and it offers high quality content for anyone who wants to learn English for free, but in depth.

In its playlist you can find videos of various types, centred mainly on grammar (although it also has dialogues in English, vocabulary, etc.). Another interesting point of this channel is that its videos are sorted according to their difficulty level, so you can move forward little by little with everything under control.

If you want to put into practice what you've learned in Anglo-Link, take a look at our article about English conversations


Cork English Teacher: improve your English pronunciation and slang

The Cork English Teacher channel also has its own point of interest. The main virtue of this channel is that it offers very good content when it comes to improving pronunciation.

Another interesting point of this channel is that, if you enter its playlists, you will see that there is one channel specially dedicated to slang. That is to say, the urban English, which usually is not taught in academies, but it is used by people in their day-to-day lifes.


Ted Talks: learn by entertainment

Ted Talks is a very interesting way to learn English, improve pronunciation and, at the same time, learn about other topics that are of interest to you.  

The advantage of Ted's talks is that they are published online and translated into multiple languages, so you can see it in English and read the subtitles. Given this, you may wonder: Why don't I watch a subtitled movie, then?

For the simple reason that films use slang, accents or less formal ways of speaking. Ted talks, on the other hand, use perfect diction, so it's the best way to improve pronunciation and complement what you've learnt before.


As you can see, these YouTube channels to learn English for free are a great way to learn natural English, whether you are a beginner or you already have a foundation and want to improve your level.

We hope you find these channels useful!