Best 10 Websites to Learn English

Learning English for free can be pretty easy. Academies and paid lessons aren’t a must nowadays. The Internet has opened up a world of opportunities for us and we have to seize them.  

However, having too much information is also a problem, and when we have hundreds of blogs offering us formulas for learning English, we may fall into paralysis by analysis. That's why, today, we bring you the 10 best blogs to learn English for free.


What should you look for in a blog to learn English?

The first thing you need to know about a blog is that they should give you a holistic learning experience. You cannot learn a language by focusing exclusively on grammar, for example (in fact, it would be a very bad way to learn English).


Instead, you need courses that teach you grammar, but also allow you to have English conversations with other people, so you can improve your pronunciation in English and learn the keys to phonetics and pronunciation of that language.

It is also important to note that it will not be enough to go to this type of blogs to learn English, you will also have to rely on other types of materials to speed up your learning.

For example, when it comes to improving English listening exercises, it can be very interesting to complement what you learn in blogs with watching series or movies online in English.

Similarly, if you want to improve your vocabulary, it can be very interesting to read articles or books in English. Choosing topics that interest you will help you to improve your learning, since, if you only read the examples given in blogs, you may not be interested in the topic at all.

With this in mind, we can look at the best blogs to learn English for free.

The best websites and blogs to learn English

Now, having clarified the above, we can move on to see which are the best webs to learn English for free (and/or for a fee). As you can see, the following webs provide a variety of services. However, you may need to combine more than one to get the best results.

Here we go!  


Lang-8 is an excellent platform to enhance writing in English. Well, it's actually an excellent platform to improve writing in any language, because it offers more than 90. 

In any case, we recommend it to perfect your writing in English. You can upload the texts you write and native speakers of the target language will correct them and let you know what's right and wrong. 


If the previous platform was suitable for improving English writing, this is an excellent platform to improve listening. Basically, it is a website with an enormous amount of audio conversations on various topics.  

These conversations have the corresponding transcriptions, and you can use them to follow the conversation and keep the diction and pronunciation of the different interlocutors. If you want to tune your ear in English, this is a great choice.


Elllo's preview

If you think you have already learned what you need and want to test your level, this is the page you need. Here you will find different exams sorted by level so that you can check your level.

The exams you will find on this website are created taking the official exams as a reference, so it's a fantastic way to prepare you to obtain official qualifications. However, first you have to learn from the other resources we offer.


BBC Learning English

The fifth option is BBC Learning English, and it's the best way to learn British English for free (which, as you know, is not the same as American English, although they have a great similarity and you can defend yourself perfectly in both countries if you know one of the two).

Learn English for free with BBC

You can find information about grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation corrections and other options, such as downloading MP3 audio recordings with the respective PDF transcripts. 



En esta página web aprenderás inglés de una forma mucho más atractiva e interesante, porque se centran en ofrecerte cotilleos, curiosidades, consejos y experiencias en inglés. Lógicamente, es mucho mejor aprender el idioma cuando el contenido es de ese tipo.

Además, una vez ya has mejorado bastante tu nivel, puedes tomar alguno de sus cursos o sus masters, que te permitirán acreditar lo que has aprendido y tener una titulación.


Open English Blog

The Open English Blog is focused on solving the most common problems that Spanish speakers encounter when learning English. In general, you'll find tips for learning English easily and for preparing your exams.

Also, it should be noted that the frequency of publication is quite good, so you will always have something new to go to continue learning. They also have a category for improvement in business-oriented English.


Grupo Vaughan

We are reaching the end of the list, so we are going to talk about a blog that belongs to the Vaughan group. This blog is focused on tricks and tips for learning English or reasons why you should learn it, so it's a somewhat different approach.  

It is not so much oriented towards learning the language, but rather to motivate you and give you some clues so that you can learn it more quickly and don't find it so difficult (and give you reasons to continue learning). 


Aba English

This website is very interesting, because it is divided into different levels, ranging from Begginer to Business, through Intermediate and Advanced. In this way, you can improve your English little by little, depending on the level you are at any given time.

On the other hand, they also have some posts that are more oriented towards giving advice and keys to learn the language and motivate you, and not so much as part of their "courses". 


Aba Englishn

My Oxford English

Now we can talk about the My Oxford English blog. Here you will find all kinds of resources sorted by sections, such as language, vocabulary or grammar. This way you can learn a little bit of everything. 

It is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing blogs, and has the advantage of providing useful information on different aspects of English culture.



Y, por supuesto, nuestra web y nuestra plataforma online donde nos encargamos de poner en contacto a usuarios interesados en aprender un idioma. Así, podéis intercambiar conocimientos y ayudaros mutuamente a aprender el idioma del otro.

Puedes optar por chatear para mejorar tu inglés escrito, o por tener conversaciones vía llamada o videoconferencia (desde la propia página web, no tienes que instalar nada, tranquilo) para mejorar tu inglés en las conversaciones habladas.

Además, si crees que necesitas conversaciones más serias con alguien que sea un profesional en detectar y señalar errores, puedes optar por hablar con profesores o pagar a hablantes nativos para mejorar tu nivel a un mayor ritmo. 

Como puedes ver, hoy en día tienes muchas y muy buenas opciones para aprender inglés gratis. Con esta lista de blogs, y teniendo en cuenta los consejos que dimos al principio, podrás mejorar tu nivel de inglés en un tiempo récord. ¡Y no olvides viajar a algún país anglosajón para ponerlo en práctica!