How do you prefer to practice a language?

Language exchange

Have online conversations in your native language and we will give you the same amount of time so you can practice foreign languages

Pay for conversations

If you don't have time for conversation exchanges this is your option. Pay a native for a conversation


Find native speakers

Enter the chat rooms and find native speakers that suit you: check their experience and rates


Make Wallet video calls

Make private online video calls with native speakers all over the world. You will have a trial period of time to decide if you want to go on and pay for the conversation


Pay as you go

Pay just for the time you talk. Not a cent more

Paid conversations

Language Exchange

Use your time as currency

Money isn't necessary to learn languages, sharing your time and knowledge is enough at Langademy. Langademy provides a time banking system: the time you spend having conversations in your native language will be given to you so you can use it to practice foreign languages

Meet new people

Enter Langademy's chat rooms, find people that use their timebank and speak the language you want. If you have a webcam, you can make video calls with them, else you can make audio calls or just text them!

Don't worry about looking for a partner

Langademy's automatic partner finder will find you a partner that is available to speak and that match your preferences.