Find a native conversation partner

Find native conversation partners

Langademy’s conversation partners are the perfect solution for those who don’t look for a teacher but want to practice a language and have no time for conversation exchanges.

It’s very simple, you just have to follow these 4 steps:

  • 1 - Add credits to your Langademy Wallet
  • 2 - Find native conversation partners: check their reputation and rates.
  • 3 - Start a video call with your chosen native and have fun!
  • 4 - Pay just for the time you talk, not a cent more


Do you like tutoring and want to earn some money from home?

If you like conversating with new people and help them to become fluent in your native language, this is your chance to earn some extra money from home.

1 - Gain reputation:

Go to your native language's room and make video calls with different people. Earn positive votes and your reputation will improve. As a result, more people will want to talk to you!

2 - Start talking to students

Once you have enough reputation, enter your native language's chat room and meet new people that are willing to learn your language

3 - Complete your availability calendar

The students will request you to have private conversations only at the times you set in your calendar.

4 - Schedule new meetups

Let everybody know at what times you're visiting the chat rooms. Students will join you at the same time. Much better than improvising!

5 - Be competitive

Compare the rates of other natives in your room and set your rate.