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Wallet video calls introduction

Wallet video calls are for those who do not have time for time banking and want to practice languages with native speakers.

  • As a student, you begin purchasing Langademy credits that are deposited in your Wallet account. You spend your credits when you call a native speaker (Level C2 or Native). You will pay for the exact amount of time that you talk but, as an exception, when the call begins, you have 3 minutes to decide if you want to go on with the conversation. In case you hang up, you won't be charged
  • As a native, you have to set your rate per hour of conversation. You will earn credits with each video call according to its duration. You can set different rates per language.

Note that native speakers cannot start a Wallet call. As students pay for the conversations, they are the ones that are allowed to make calls

You can manage your wallet account from My Wallet app