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Langademy fee. How it works

Langademy charges native speakers 13% (+ taxes) of the amount that they charge students per Wallet video call. Once the video call is finished, users' available credit balance is updated. (You can watch your available balance at My Wallet transactions) ( check prices)

The Available Credits Balance represents the current amount of credits that you can spend. In order to understand how it is calculated, several terms need to be explained:

  • Total Balance: it shows the total amount of credits before the 13% fee is applied to it.
  • Langademy fee: at the end of the month, Langademy collects a 13% fee to the conversations of the native speakers. This fee is reflected on the next invoice (Langademy invoices). Although the fee is not taken from the native’s account until the invoice is issued, this amount is withheld and you cannot spend it either.
  • Pending withdrawal requests: If a credit withdrawal is requested, the amount of credits that has been requested won't be available to spend it.
  • Available balance: In the view of the abovementioned terms, this is how the available balance is calculated

Available balance = Total balance – Langademy fee – Amount of credits requested for withdrawal