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How to request a private conversation

When you visit the profile of any user that wants to make language exchanges or just help students practice in exchange of credits, you will see their availability calendars.

If you want to request a private conversation, click Request Conversation (on top of the calendar) and follow the steps on screen. You just have to select a conversation language (among the native languages in the profile), the type of conversation you want (timebanking or paid) and reserve the date and time of the conversation clicking on any available block. Green blocks mean you can request a time banking conversation, grey blocks mean that you can request a paid conversation, and yellow blocks mean that the user accepts both. Note that you cannot make a reservation longer than 2 hours.

If the user hasn't available hours you will have the option to be notified when he/she is available. Just click the button next to the warning message on top of the calendar if you want to receive it.

How do I know if a native accepts my request?

You can track the status of your requests in your Conversations page. Check the conversation requests panel (sent). Select the request that you want and you will see the request details view. There you can check if the native accepted or rejected your request, you can cancel it and you can send messages to the native in case you need additional information.

Furthermore, when the native accepts your request you will be notified and a new event will be added to your calendar.

What do I have to do at the time of the conversation?

Go to the call panel and select the Private Conversations Tab . Select the user and you will open the conversation videoapp. Alternatively, you can open the videoapp from the conversation details view in your Conversations.

When you already are in the videoapp you will see when your partner is online, and in the meantime you can write in your private chat to make your partner aware of you being there.