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How can I meet partners?

If you're looking for conversation partners (either for timebanking or paid conversations), you should take advantage of Langademy meetups.

Meetups are the way you can let everybody know in advance when you will be online in a chat room. This way, students and other native speakers can join you at the same time. Indeed, you can enter a chat room whenever you want but, let's be honest. It's easier to bring together a larger group of people if you schedule an event in advance.

Check the Meetups to see already scheduled meetups. If any meetup fits in with your plans, just join in. Otherwise, schedule a new one.

When you join a meet up, the event will be added to your calendar and you will be able to write on the message board and propose conversation topics.

How do I schedule a new meetup?

To schedule a new meetup go to Meetups and click New Meetup on the top side, or go directly to New meetup and follow these steps:

  • Select the language of the meetup. Participants will attend the meetup at the chat room of that language.
  • Select the date and time of the meetup (in your local timezone).
  • Click Save.
How do I join a meet up?

Just enter the meetup page and click on the Attend button. Take into account that you can only attend meetups of languages that you have in your profile.