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How to make a video call

Starting a call in Langademy is easy. Just find the symbol when you want to make call. Click it to show the call menu to choose the language of the conversation and the call type ( time banking or wallet). In case of wallet calls, the rate you will be charged is showed next to the language.

Note that the language that you choose when you call determines whether you are acting as a native speaker or as a student, and whether the call is paid with time or credits. Therefore, your time or wallet balance will be updated consequently, so pay attention when you make a call.

You can start a video call from different places:

Call from the control panel

Click the tab of the Control Panel to open the Call panel. There, you can select any of the following tabs:

  • Online contacts: List of contacts currently online
  • Call history: Users you have recently spoken with
  • All contacts: The list of your contacts ordered alphabetically
  • Private conversations: The list of users you have scheduled a private conversation with
Call from a chat room

Go to the Users panel and click the user you want to call to open the Call menu

Call from a user profile

You can only call users from their profiles in case you are contacts. If that is the case, you will have the call button at the bottom right side of the users's cover photo