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Chat rooms

Chat rooms are the place where you can meet groups of conversation partners, both natives and students. First of all you have to add in your profile the languages you are interested on. Otherwise you will not have access to the chat rooms. Once done, go to the control panel, click and select the language chat room to open it.

You can see several areas in the chat room:

  • Chat area: Write on the text box at the bottom and press enter to send a message
  • Users: It contains the list of online users. Click the users on the list to open a menu with these options: send a contact request, start a video call, and report or block the user.
  • Next meetups: Next meetups scheduled to practice a language in the chat room. See How can I meet partners? for more info about meetups
  • Meetup topics: During a meetup it will contain the list of conversation topics proposed by the participants

If the room is empty or there is no activity at the moment, you can create Meetups to tell the others when you will be free to have a chat or a video call. You can also join the existing meetups.