Why are there only some rooms available in the chat rooms panel?

The room list only shows the languages you have added to your profile. If you want to learn new languages or get other languages’ rooms, just add those languages to your profile

How can I earn more time for my account?

The main way to get time for your account, is by talking to others in your native languages. You can make private calls in your native languages with your contacts, or with students that request you private conversations, or meet new people in the chat room of any of your native languages.
You can also earn hours by inviting your friends to Langademy or by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

There aren’t any available meetups. What can I do?

You should create your own meetups. You just have to select the language and the date/time of the meetup. Go to your Calendar and click the New Meetup button on the main page

I have many contact requests from people that I don’t know. Can I avoid this situation?

Yes. Go to Settings => Privacy, and turn on the “Allow only contact requests from people you have spoken to” option.

I have joined a meetup but I don’t know how to go to the meetup

All the meetups take place inside a chat room. You can either go to the Control Panel -> Chat Rooms and select the room you want to enter, or select the meetup from your Calendar and enter directly to the room when the time comes.

Do I have to use skype?

No, and you don’t have to install anything to use videoconferences on Langademy.

Do I have to pay to use Langademy?

Langademy is free if you decide to make time banking video calls. The time you devote speaking to others in your native languages will be added to your account so you can use it to learn other languages. If you don't have time for time banking, you can pay natives for private conversations. Go to the Wallet section in Langademy's help page for more information.

How can I keep in touch with the people I have chatted in the chat rooms?

When you are inside a chat room, you have the option to send a connection request to your partners. Remember that you can check your call history in the Control Panel. Once you are connected, you can send private messages and also make private videocalls.

Which languages are available in Langademy?

Langademy have no language restrictions. It provides rooms for most of the languages of the world. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think a language is missing