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All about the Spanish letters

The most basic thing that is possible to know about any new language that you are willing to learn is the alphabet, since there might be some different letters depending on the language, as it’s the case withSpanish for the letter "ñ", which you probably have not seen before and you must learn it to incorporate it into your vocabulary.

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Wagner Moura, the non-Spanish speaker “Colombian”

Wagner Moura is quite a skinny guy, he is not Colombian, and as recently as 2 years ago he didn’t know how to speak Spanish! Yes, you read correctly, Wagner Moura couldn´t speak Spanish before he started filming Narcos. In spite of this, Netflix still chose him to be Pablo Escobar. One day, he got a call from Netflix...

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5 common Spanish mistakes foreign language learners make

This post highlights the 5 most common Spanish mistakes that foreign language learners make. If you are learning Spanish, you will possibly make some of the following mistakes. Learn from them and avoid repeating these mistakes. You can achieve this goal if you practice writing and speaking with Spanish speakers.