The 10 easiest languages to learn for the English speakers

As the world is getting more globalized and multi-cultural, learning a second language is a very good way to expand your career opportunities and help you earn more. While majority of the people believe that some languages are tough and others are easy, there are also a few number of people who claim that there is no such thing as easy or difficult language and it is all a mind-set. Whether it is easy or tough to learn a language depends on your mother tongue. So, it all depends on what your native tongue is. A language may seem easy or difficult to you to learn on the basis of various factors, such as your native language, the grammar structure and the complexity of the new language. 

Easy vs. hard languages – it all depends on your mother tongue
Donovan Nagel

The whole classification whether a language is easy or difficult to learn depends on the ease of speaking, the simplicity to write and the grammar. Given below are the list of easiest languages to learn based on the level of simplicity to learn:

1.  Norwegian

This might surprise you, but Norwegian is the easiest language to learn as it is simple to pick up for the English speakers. All this is because of the simple straightforward grammar with just one form of the tense and verb. There is a vast array of accents in Norway and so there are many ways to pronounce a word. So, if you are looking for an easy language to learn, Norwegian can be the best one to go for.

2. Spanish

Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn and the pronunciations are very easy to learn. As per the statistics, around 37% of the people rated Spanish as a critical language to know for employment opportunities. Spanish language is very straightforward to read and write and may seem as a cakewalk to the English speakers.

Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn

3. Italian

Italian is one of the most romantic languages and is easy just as Spanish. The sentence structure in Italian is highly rhythmic as most of the words end in vowels, which makes Italian a romantic language and adds a special spunk to the language. It has many words which are similar to the English words like calendario (calendar), Foresta (Forest) and ambizioso (ambitious) which makes Italian as one of the easiest languages to learn.

4. French

French is the international language of love, but is a bit difficult when compared to Spanish and Italian. Though French may seem a totally different language initially but the linguists estimate that about a third of the modern English language is influenced by French. French is termed as a tough language to learn as the pronunciations are a bit tough with silent letters and vowel sounds which you may not be used to in English language.

5. Dutch

Dutch is a Germanic Language and is the third most spoken Germanic language in the world. Dutch sounds like a combination of English and German. The best thing about Dutch is that many of the words in Dutch are spelled in the same manner as in English but, the words are often pronounced in a different manner.

6. Portuguese

Portuguese is a bit tough language to learn but its use cannot be denied. It is a powerful language that a person can learn, but it needs ample time and dedication to master the language. There is a difficulty to pronounce the nasal vowel sounds and it needs ample practice to master the language.

7. German

Many English speakers across the world term German as one of the most difficult languages to learn. The language has four noun case endings, long words and somewhat tough pronunciations which makes it a big task to master German language. German is a descriptive language and can be quite fun to learn. There are many overlapping words with English but you need to be careful about the exceptions.

8. Hindi

There are many words in the English Language that come from the Hindi origin, but writing in Hindi is an altogether different art. There are many English words which come from Hindi like Jungle, Looting, Yoga < Karma and Avatar and likewise there are many English words which are used in the same manner in Hindi like Doctor, Station etc. yet, Hindi is not as easy as it seems. This is a reason why people across the world consider Hindi as not one of the easiest languages to learn.

9. Arabic

Learning Arabic can be a tough task

Arabic is a foreign language that many people wish to learn as it is the official language of 26 countries and spoken by around 280 million people. The Arabic grammar is the toughest thing and you need to learn many sounds which is absent in the Latin languages. There are 12 forms of personal pronouns in the language which denotes feminine or masculine speaker in the forms of singular, plural or dual. There is different way to speak to different people and it also depends whether you are speaking modern or formal Arabic.

10. Mandarin

Mandarin is undoubtedly the toughest language to learn as it a tonal language and the pitch and intonation or the pitch of the spoken word depicts its meaning. For instance if you speak tang with a rising tone it means sugar whereas with a high tone, tang means soup. Apart from this there is a mammoth task to memorize around 2000 characters just in order to read a simple Chinese newspaper! So, you can just judge how difficult the language is!

Do you agree with us or do you believe that any other language is easier than learning these languages?

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