4 modern gadgets that will be your foreign language translators


When we want to study a new language, we usually have the need to buy a dictionary or to install a translation app. Although this an ideal option, we all know how cumbersome some translations are. But it seems that the end of manual translations is coming.

More and more gadgets that provide almost-instant-translations are being invented those days. Which, no doubts, are a great advantage. Forget dictionaries! In a few years, they will be the past, so stay with us and learn everything you have to know about these real-time translators.

Real time translation is here

The instant translation devices are already among us. These devices, that always are related to science fiction, finally, are real. It is true that they have a long way to be fully functional, but the first efficient and equable models are on the market.

Frequently, media talk about this kind of gadgets as the ultimate-automatic-translations devices. But truth be told, the prototypes have a lot of problems and do not work properly yet.

The technology is evolving so fast, and we also have some reliable devices available. In a few years, we will be able to speak with another person event if you don’t speak the same language.

The greatest example is the Skype Translator, which promises to break down language barriers in the near future.

Skype real time translation

As you can imagine, it is far from being perfect, but it can be really handful in some contexts. However, you will still need to continue to learn and practice foreign languages on your own.

But let’s move to physical gadgets that you can bring with you everywhere. As usual, a great disadvantage of most of the gadgets that are going to be introduced, is their price: nowadays they are not affordable for everyone.

High-tech translation devices

So, lest start with a list of the greatest devices that have been presented in the last months.  

The Mymanu headphones are a great device, they can translate 37 languages in real time. Oh yeah, 37 languages. We are in an important moment of the personal communication. You can buy this instant translation device for 170 euros.

Mymanu translation headphones

These Mymanu headphones can translate 37 languages in real time, and they were presented at the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

A more affordable model is Travis, which is able to translate 80 languages instantly and costs only 99 pounds. With this device, you should be able to understand most of the languages of the world without problems, so it can be a really great gadget for travellers.

This device has been made for a team with members from three continents, Europe, Asia and America.

It is important to point out that its price is 199 pounds but if you decide to pre-order it, the cost would be 99 pound. Presently, there is no much information about it.

Travis instant translator

Rosseta Disk is another groundbreaking gadget. It’s a wearable nanoscale disk that you can wear it as a necklace. This mini can store about 13.000 pages of information of 1.500 different languages. This nano disc is made of electro nickel, which ensures a long life for the device. This technology is was also built with the aim of preserving languages, because experts think that between 50% and 90% of languages will be truly endangered in the next 200 years. Definitely, it looks like of the Now Foundation.

Mersiv is another device that it’s worth mentioning. Mersiv uses a microphone, a camera and headphones to translate while it creates a series of mini lessons based on the language that its user wants to learn. This way, the study becomes almost fully immersive. It is also able to tailor the lessons that have been created based on the recorded user’s experience. Although it is not a translator per se, it can be so handful in your language learning journey. Here you have a little demo:

In the next years, more and better alternatives will be created for sure. In a few years they will be affordable for everyone, so they will be great for travellers or international conferences.

We don’t know if these foreign language translators will be the solution to our communications problems someday, but we do not have any doubts about their capacity to improve our lives. Nevertheless, don’t give up your language studies, Langademy is here to help you 😉, so start practicing with our language exchanges of find a native tutor to guide your through your language journey!