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Hack time and learn languages

You have no time to study new languages. That’s nothing new. You want to learn a new language, but you work an 8-hour day, you´ve got shopping to do, and you still want time to hang out with your friends. Long story short, you don’t have time for language lessons. Don’t worry, nowadays, there are other ways to learn languages, even with a busy schedule. But first, you have to become a time-management expert . You have to adopt some habits right away, but the good thing is, they´re free...


7 celebrities that speak several languages

We´re sure you all know this guy, and you´ve all heard him speaking both Spanish and English as Pablo Escobar in the popular Netflix show Narcos. His cursing in Spanish is famous worldwide, but he’s from Brazil and his mother tongue is Portuguese

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5 common Spanish mistakes foreign language learners make

This post highlights the 5 most common Spanish mistakes that foreign language learners make. If you are learning Spanish, you will possibly make some of the following mistakes. Learn from them and avoid repeating these mistakes. You can achieve this goal if you practice writing and speaking with Spanish speakers.

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Why learn Basque?

You´ve probably heard many reasons for learning a new language: more job opportunities, broadening your horizons, meeting new people, having better travel experiences and so on- but when it comes to learning Basque, the motivations include and go beyond these. 

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The advantages of having Native Tandem Partners

In my opinion, learning multiple languages is almost inevitable in the modern world.  Learning a second language will introduce new opportunities not just in your personal but also in your professional life. As Frank Smith said, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way” and I totally agree with him. 

Online language learning

Combine online learning and immersion to learn a second language!

Learning a second language is an invaluable skill that can pay off in so many different areas of life. Not only does your mind expand and become sharper on picking up other languages, or patterns in how you use your primary language, but knowing a second language opens doors for teaching, employment, and the wonderful world of travel. The question is, what is the best way to effectively learn ...