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If you don’t have time for language exchanges, don’t worry. At Langademy you will find native speakers with the best rates of the language market to practice languages when you want

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Speak in your native language and we will give you the same amount of time to practice other languages. Make conversation exchange your trade!

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The perfect solution for those who don't look for a teacher but want to practice a language and have no time for language exchange

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If you also like helping others practice,

Language Exchange

This is your place if you want to practice foreign languages for free. Find conversation exchange partners and improve your language skills by texting or making online video calls with them

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Sometimes meeting people at the time you want isn’t easy. Create meetups to exchange languages when you want and let the language community know about it

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Money isn't necessary to learn a language at Langademy. Timebanking to the rescue! Talk to others in your native language, and we will give you the same amount of time to practice foreign languages.